Engineering typically requires a substantial amount of programming and experimenting. Below, different open-source code is provided related to tendon (1.) engineering and for metamaterial design (2., 3.). What is more a video of a chiral cantilever with an inner normal to shear strain coupling is attached in

  1. The first code relates to the mechanics of tendons. It can compute effective axial, torsional and volumetric properties depending on the tendon fascicle composition. Its functionality is explicated in publication [15]. All necessary instructions for its use and functionality are included in the file.
  2. The python-based code is comprised of a graphical user interface and discrete homogenization routine. The graphical interface allows for the design of lattice structures in an interactive manner. An input file is created and used for the computation of the effective elastic normal, shear, volumetric, bulk and density properties of the designed metamaterial structure. The code is attached in the file.
  3. The code extends the previous computations for the characterization of the plastic yield and stability limits of the specified metamaterial design. For a given design, the yield surfaces upon concurrent bi-directional normal or combined normal and shear strains are computed and stored in graphical form.